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Alfa Romeo Model Identification


Alfa Romeo Model Identification

This chart is provided as an aid to precisely identifying your Alfa Romeo. Find your car's body number (usually found on a plate in the engine compartment) and compare it to the numbers in the chart. For 1955-59 Giulietta, use your engine number (beside the distributor) for identification. Alfa model designations are sometimes confusing. In general: Berlinas, Supers and TI's are four-door sedans; Sprints and GTs are two-door coupes, and Spiders are two-door convertibles.

Note: This table concentrates on models sold in the USA.

750 Series Giulietta, 1300cc, 1955-59
Engine No. Model
1315.00.001 to .09.002750B Sprint
1315.50.001 to .74.950750C Berlina
1315.40.001 to .45.854750D Spider
1315.30.001 to .33.000750E Sprint Veloce
1315.30.001 to .33.000750F Spider Veloce

102 Series, 2000cc, 1958-62
Body No.Model

101 Series Giulietta, 1300cc, 1959-64
Body No.Model
101.04Spider (USA)
101.05Sprint (USA)
101.06Sprint Veloce
101.07Sprint Veloce
101.11Berlina TI
101.13Berlina TI (USA)
101.17Sprint Speciale (USA)
101.20Sprint Speciale (SS)
101.22Station Wagon
101.24Sprint Veloce (USA)
101.25Spider Veloce (USA)
101.26Sprint Zagato (SZ)

106 Series, 2600cc, 1962-67
Body No.Model
106.12Sprint Zagato

101 Series Giulia, 1600cc, 1962-65
Body No.Model
101.18Spider Veloce
101.21Sprint Speciale
101.23.374639 to 374935Gran Sport Quattroruote

105 Series Giulia, 1600cc, 1965-68
Body No.Model
105.02Giulia Sprint GT
105.03Spider 1600 (Duetto)
105.11.750007 to 113Tubolare Zagato
105.16TI Super
105.26Super (sedan)
105.36GT Veloce

105 Series Giulia, 1300cc, 1965-72
Body No.Model
105.30GT Junior
105.391300 TI
105.59GTA Junior
105.91Spider Junior
105.93Junior Zagato

105 Series 1750, 1968-71
Body No.Model
105.48Berlina (Euro)
105.44GTV (Euro)
105.57Spider (Euro)
105.71Berlina (USA)
105.51GTV (USA)
105.62Spider (USA)

105, 115 Series 2000, 1972 on
Body No.Model
105.12Berlina (Euro)
105.21GTV (Euro)
105.24Spider (Euro)
115.00Berlina (USA)
115.01GTV (USA)
115.02Spider Veloce (USA)
115.41Spider Veloce (USA, 75-on)
105.64Montreal (V-8)
115.24Junior Zagato 1600

116 Series Alfetta, 2000cc, 1975-80
Body No.Model
116.15 Calif.GT, GTV, Sprint Veloce
116.34Calif. Sedan
116.58Sport Sedan

116 Series GTV6, 1981-86
Body No.Model
116.69GTV6 2.5
116.70GTV6 Balocco 2.5

161 Series Milano, 1987-89
Body No.Model
161.14Milano Silver 2.5
161.16Milano Gold 2.5
161.36Milano Platinum 2.5
161.24Milano Verde 3.0
164 Series 164, 1991-93
Body No.Model
164.33164 and 164L 3.0
164.43164 California 3.0
164.33E164S 3.0

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All Technical Bulletins and Tech Tips contained on this website are based on our own experience, and are not necessarily "factory approved." While we make a reasonable effort to verify the information contained in them, we assume no liability for the use or misuse of the information offered.

*Overseas customers please note that our entire website is based on US-spec cars, as sold before the manufacturer left the US market: up to 1985 (Fiat/Lancia) and 1995 (Alfa Romeo). We do not carry parts for current models.