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Bradley Rim - 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio


Owner Bradley Rim, in his 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio featured in the upcoming Martin Scorsese movie: “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

From Bradley:
I grew up in the 1960’s/70’s in Bayside Queens (NY) alongside kids who turned into some of the worst financial fraud offenders of our time. This coming November, a movie about one of those offenders, Jordan Belfort, is being released by Paramount Pictures in “The Wolf of Wall Street”. This major motion picture is a star-studded affair directed by world famous Director Martin Scorsese and featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey . There is “big-buzz” in Hollywood for this movie as an upcoming multiple Oscar-contender next year. My silver 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio and I had the good fortune to be selected by Martin Scorsese's production team to be filmed for a number of scenes in the movie - - as parts of the story take place from 1987 – 1993. I am only the second owner of this mint Quadrifoglio and have babied it since I purchased it in 2000.

As luck would have it, a business client of mine at the time worked in Scorsese’s Art department and knew my life story growing up with some of the characters in this movie. I submitted a picture of the car and a headshot of myself for film usage consideration. Within hours of the submittal, I received a message from the TWOWS Casting Department: “your car will look great in our Wall Street scenes and we would like you to begin filming on our first day of shooting - - you can even drive it too….” Me, my Alfa Romeo, Scorsese AND DiCaprio all shooting a movie on a film set together ….. a true once-in- a- lifetime experience.

Day 1 Shoot: Wall and Gold Streets, NYC (August 29, 2012)

After my “stockbroker” wardrobe and makeup at 5am, I drive over to the Movie Set on Gold Street. That morning, I am asked to start the first scene Scorsese will be shooting for the movie - - a scene featuring Leonardo DiCaprio’s first day at work on Wall Street! Needless to say, the movie set was an absolute frenzy of excitement with literally hundreds of paparazzi and thousands of the general public camping out on the outlying Set boundaries. Scorsese and his Assistant Director have me and the Alfa rehearse the scene numerous times with Leonardo DiCaprio to get the timing right and the shot he wants. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. My Alfa was the “other” true star on the set that day!

Day 2 Shoot: Ardsley, NY (Westchester County, Sept, 2012)

Scorsese's team asked us both to shoot again about two weeks later in Ardsley, NY in scenes featuring DiCaprio and Jonah Hill as they themselves are “speed driving” a mint 1990 Jaguar coupe next to me and the Alfa in the same scene. The entire downtown of Ardsley was closed off and the entire town was out in force watching us film multiple takes. Very exciting - - DiCaprio is a star on par with Beatlemania in many ways.

Day 3 Shoot: Closter, NY (Sept, 2012)

The most thrilling day on the Set for me. We were asked to do scenes in Closter as a stand-in for a Shopping Center that Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio) and I grew up in at Bayside. Additionally, my late best friend from those days appears in this scene & is played by the actor Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead). It was a thrill to meet Jon and share some of his character’s life story with him. Jonah Hill was a riot on the set too that day, as they were doing a “money laundering bust” scene in the Shopping Center. It truly felt as if my teenage life was being filmed in front of me by Scorsese. The day was a tribute to my late Bayside buddy.

The Just-Released Paramount Trailer

Trailers are the most important marketing tools that Hollywood uses for film promotion. Paramount Pictures has just released the movie trailer to more than 80 Million Google hits/impressions during its first week of release on-line. Thus, the trailer is soon to be seen as a “Coming Attraction” in movie theaters around the country. When I first viewed it on my iPad, I nearly “hit the roof”. Right there at the : 9 second point of the trailer (the first piece of “actual footage” shot for the film), Scorsese uses my Alfa Romeo (top down) as an exotic, upscale icon to represent pre-crash 1987 Wall Street. It is a most critical “quick action shot”, featuring my car leading in to the introductory character voiceover of Leonardo DiCaprio: “My name is Jordan Belfort...".

Currently For Sale
You can Experience this “Thrill of Ownership” right now. This "Picture Car” is being offered for purchase now at a vintage Giulietta price-point for the discriminating Italian car collector. If interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind collectable, please contact: for further information. You can also visit the IAP classified ad for details.

IAP would like to thank Bradley for sharing his interesting first-hand account detailing his experience!

Do YOU have a great story about your Italian car? Send them to us…your car could be the next to be featured! Submissions can be made here.

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